1 Thing I Loved Most About The Places I’ve Visited

The adventure pool has been a bit dry these last few weeks but with the holiday period coming up, I have a few things planned. So today I thought I’d share with you one thing from each place that I’ve visited that I loved the most.


Memorable Mauritius

Throwing it back all the way to Mauritius, the place that inspired me to start “This Panda Travels” The thing I loved most about Mauritius was not just the sheer beauty at every turn but how friendly and well mannered the people were.


Gorgeous Scotland

Something I’ve always answer when people ask me why I like Scotland, the people. They are incredibly friendly and are always willing to help you. You will get someone’s life story while paying for something at a till and I love that, especially coming from a country where you’re barely acknowledged when paying for your groceries. If I couldn’t pick the people then I’d pick the architecture and history that each building holds. Just beautiful.



Incredible Kruger National Park

I couldn’t possibly pick one thing that I love about Kruger. The entire trip was what I loved. From arriving at the gate on the first day not knowing what wildlife we’d see to the incredible sunsets that we witnessed everyday. The only part I didn’t love? Leaving.


Breathtaking Cape Town

Everywhere you turned in Cape Town you were greeted with an incredible view. Whether it was different angles of Table Mountain or gorgeous views over the Atlantic Ocean. Any way you turned was a picturesque moment in itself. A stunning part of South Africa indeed. I loved every moment in the Mother City.


I tag anyone who would like to share something they loved from each place they’ve been to.


Till next time friends,
Panda Kennedy
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