2015 Round Up

Hi friends! A happy new year to you all! I hope 2016 will be everything you need it to be and more!

I decided to do a 2015 round up post today by answering a few questions that I came up with myself as I couldn’t seem to find anyone who had done anything like this before.

Question 1 – Favourite blog post of 2015?

I have to say I really enjoyed writing my post on Mauritius. It was fun to reminisce the memories I made there while writing and creating the galleries for the blog post!

Question 2 – Favourite photo you took in 2015? (Camera and/or Phone)

I’ve been a photographer for a good few years and choosing my photo from 2015 is pretty difficult but my favourite photo from my panda selfies is the one with table mountain in the background and my favourite photo captured with my DSLR is the one from my trip to Kruger of the White Front Bee-Eater. I was really proud to capture a half decent picture of one of my favourite bird species.

Table Mountain Selfie
White Fronted Bee Eater
White Fronted Bee Eater

Question 3 – How many blog posts did you write in 2015?

15 since I started my blog in July 2015

Question 4 – How many countries visited your blog?

44 countries

Question 5 – Total number of views in 2015?


Question 6 – A country that visited your blog that you’ve never heard of?


Question 7 – How has your blog grown since 2015?

It’s grown tremendously, I never thought so many people would find my blog even remotely interesting but 972 views proved me wrong. I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings.

Question 8 –  Most read post you wrote in 2015?

My post on Mauritius thanks to the amount of support from the Air Mauritius Blog post on my adventures around the island.

Question 9 – Places you wanted to visit but didn’t get to?

I really wanted to visit Knysna, Pilanesberg and Mauritus again this year but it never quite worked out.

Question 10 – Your plans for this year regarding blogging and life?

I hope to keep blogging and travelling more. I do have plans to move to Scotland in the coming months to get a fresh start. I hope by being closer to Europe I’ll be able to see a lot more as I dream of seeing Amsterdam and Paris one day. I hope that by blogging it’ll eventually turn into a full time job as I’ve never felt so passionate about something before other than my photography of course!

I’d like to tag my friends and anyone who reads this. I’d love to read your 2015 Round Up!


Till next time friends,
Panda Kennedy
Panda K copy
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3 thoughts on “2015 Round Up

    1. That’s awesome! I agree though, I try to get a post out every Wednesday but sometimes I haven’t travelled anywhere exciting since the last post and I can’t think of anything travel related to write about or sometimes it’s just been a busy week and I completely lose track of the days!

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