Photo of the Month 2016

A very good afternoon to you friends,

Today’s post is about something I’ve wanted to do for a little while but thought 2016 would be the perfect time to introduce it to my blog.
Starting from today I’m introducing a “Photo of the Month” competition. There isn’t a prize or anything but I wanted to do something where I could interact with my readers more. I’d love to see your travel related photos whether you’re a professional or an amateur so if you’d like to enter, here’s what you need to know:

  • Send me your favourite travel photographs that you’ve taken within the last two years
  • A maximum of 5 images can be entered per month
  • Include your name, country, age, camera make and model, any of your social media handles as well a story about the photograph; where it was taken etc.
  • I’ll pick my Top 5 on the last Monday of each month and post them on here as well as Facebook (If you make the Top 5, make sure to get your friends to like your image. Depending on how it goes, I might choose the winning photo that has the most likes)
  • I’ll post the winning image on the last Friday of the month on here, Facebook and Instagram
  • No prizes, just bragging rights
  • Send your photos to

I’m really looking forward to receiving all your travel photos! If you have any questions please leave a comment or pop me an email..

Till next time friends,
Panda Kennedy
Panda K copy
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