My Travel Souvenirs

Hello friends,

Today I wanted to share some of the things I’ve collected on my travels with you! I’d love to see your travel souvenirs, so if you put up a post, feel free to tag me in it!

When I travel I tend to pick up 3 things, a postcard, a sew on patch and something that’ll remind me of the place it came from.



I picked up this Mauritiuan doll at the Casela Adventure Park in Mauritius, I was drawn to it for some reason. I picked it up and put it back many times, then finally decided to buy it. Perhaps the inner child in me or the appreciation I have for hand crafted products wouldn’t let me leave her behind.


I bought this turtle from the Super U in Grand Baie. They had a fantastic selection of Mauritian souvenirs but this one really stood out for me. His new home is now the ledge of my bathtub and reminds me of the beautiful island every time I have a bubble bath.

This is a part of my pin board where I pin all my tickets, receipts and postcards from my travels on to this. Here is my Air Mauritius boarding pass, tickets from Casela Adventure Park and my receipt from my entrance fee to the Chamarel Seven Coloured Sands as well as a postcard that I saved to remind me of my adventure.

Read more about my amazing trip to Mauritius!



I thought this grey teddy wearing a pink hoodie was just too cute not to buy when I was in the Falkirk Wheel’s gift shop.

Read more about the Falkirk Wheel right here!



These two flower like paper toppers were in a sundae I had from Nardini’s Ice Cream Parlour down in Largs, Ayrshire. I thought they were beautiful and decided they’d make a great souvenir! They are something I’ve never seen before here in South Africa!



Here is my pin board collection from Scotland which consists of postcards, tickets from Edinburgh Castle and Edinburgh Zoo, a train ticket, a paper coaster from a pub as well a business card from the tattoo shop where I had my first tattoo done.

Cape Town


I picked this little guy up at the first Hamley’s store in South Africa at the V & A Waterfront. I think the reason why I bought him is pretty obvious..




My pin board collection from my Cape Town trip. I somehow forgot to buy a post card on this trip, probably because I was too busy searching EVERY SINGLE curio shop for a sew on patch and still never managed to find one..

Read more about my Cape Town trip here!



Kruger National Park


Definitely one of my favourite purchases from a trip. I searched high and low for this tea light (read more about that here) when I visited Kruger last month. It now glows next to my bed and reminds me of the best safari ever!



I haven’t collected as much from my recent Kruger trips for my pin board. I managed to remember to pick up a post card on my most recent trip and I saved a water bottle label that was branded with Kruger Park. I also found myself having to sew on patches so I stuck one onto my board. Lastly I saved the rhino force packaging from my bracelet that I bought. 20% of the recommended retail price is donated to Save The Rhino International. Get your bracelet right here from the Bead Coalition!


Last but not least when it comes to my travel souvenirs, is the sew on patches on my camera bag. They are by far my favourite things to collect but I find not a lot of places seem to have them as a souvenir option. The first patch I collected was in 2011 from Zanzibar, long before This Panda Travels was even an idea and long before Panda Kennedy was even created at the Jellycat Factory. My camera bag goes everywhere with me and what a great reminder it is to be able to carry all my travel adventures on my back! It also has a perfect little pocket for you know who..

Till next time friends,
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