Harrie’s Pancakes – Cullinan

Hello friends!


My first Saturday off in a couple of weeks was spent in the old mining town of Cullinan. Known for its artsy shops, eclectic  restaurants and the Cullinan Diamond, which gem’s are found in the Crown Jewels.


A must try  place if you ever have the time is Harrie’s Pancakes, with a few stores around South Africa, Harrie’s has the best and most unusual pancake’s I have ever tried. Ranging from your simple, classic pancakes to the fillings for the more adventurous such as milk tart custard, peppermint crisp and lemon meringue pie.



I’m usually pretty boring when it comes to food as I’m not one for change but I’ve tried the milk tart and lemon meringue pie fillings and they are amazing, the classic pancakes
however are just as delicious!



Please do give Harrie’s Pancakes a try, if you’re a foodie like me,you’ll love it plus you’re in a town full of history that offers mine tours, beautiful home-made crafts and it’s also a really dog friendly place! My dog, Ruby had a ball meeting lots of new human friends, having a nibble of my pancake and getting chased by a massive mongoose family.


More exciting blog posts coming soon friends! I’m heading to Clarens in a few weeks and Cape Town in June!

Till next time friends,
Panda Kennedy
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