June – In Pictures

Hi friends!

I have finally had time to put together a new blog post! Balancing a full time job and a travel blog has become slightly challenging lately but I’m back at it again thanks to some exciting opportunities coming in the next weeks!

I’m hoping to have my blog post on my trip to Kruger posted soon, I’m just still busy editing the photos but until then I have a few to include in my June – In Pictures as Kruger was probably the best part of June!

DSC_0685 copy
Caught these two young ellies having a moment
The Lesser and Greater Flamingo that inhabit the dam where I work
This bull elephant blocked the road for a good 20 minutes before unhappily making way for the cars he had held up on either side of them.
This is the bath in the honeymoon suite at the guesthouse I work at. It overlooks the beautiful flamingo filled dam. I recently decorated it with rose petals for a couple who over-nighted with us before flying off to Mauritius for the rest of their honeymoon
The yummy blueberry and apple pie I enjoyed at Milly’s on the way home from Kruger


Till next time friends,
Panda Kennedy
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