January & February – In Pictures

Oh Hey Friends,

It’s my first “In Pictures” post of 2017!
January and February have been beautiful months for photography! I try to keep my DSLR on me at all times to capture high quality images but my iPhone does a pretty decent job too especially when it figures out the aperture, iso, speed etc all by itself especially in those situations where you have to snap and go!

DSC_0467 copy.jpg
There’s something about this photo of these Highland cows that I love even though I can hear my old photography teacher pointing out what’s wrong with so why don’t I just tell you: Yes the clouds are pretty overexposed and the cow on the left isn’t looking but don’t tell me that the first thing you notice is an overexposed cloud. That cow has some serious modelling skills! Gigi Moodid anyone?
The Glenfinnan Viaduct creating a perfect frame for all those beautiful autumnal wintry colours of the forest.
An amazing sunset over Loch Ness
DSC_0512 copy.jpg
Ruby’s first time experiencing snow! She was pretty into it! You can see I was also experimenting with a new font on my logo but I still prefer the old one!
DSC_0021 copy.jpg
I took a stroll along the Dochgarroch Canal and found a great view of River Ness running into Loch Dochfour before it hits Loch Ness.
My parents celebrated 35 years of marriage at the beginning of February.
An icy Loch Meiklie.
You won’t believe that I wake up to this view every day.


There you have it! My favourite photos from the last two months of adventures and I hopefully haven’t missed any out!


Until next time friends,
Panda Kennedy
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